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Top 50 3PL 2 Years in a Row!
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For the seventh year in a row ProTrans International has been selected as an Inbound Logistics Top 100 Third-Party Logistics Provider for 2018.

The Top 100 list appears in the July 2018 edition magazine, digital, web & apps.
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Creating A Perfect Fit:

Your Unique Plan

Logistics is not a one-size-fits all and you need a solution design unique to your supply chain

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Our Versatile Management

We manage EVERY. SINGLE. ASPECT of your supply-chain and do it efficiently and cost effectively

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Your Strategic Control

With our Proprietary software and analytics tools, you control your shipments anytime and anywhere.

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Our Technology:

3PL ProTrans Third-Party Logistics supply chain Logistics
With our customer app, you have complete visibility of your shipments anywhere and any time. Our user-friendly app provides you data quickly and clearly while delivering you the instant support you need in any situation

About Customer App

3PL ProTrans Third-Party Logistics supply chain Logistics
ProTrans Optimiz is our proprietary transportation management system that gives you the control and visibility you need to effectively manage your supply chain and make strategic decisions. 

About Optimiz TMS

3PL ProTrans Third-Party Logistics supply chain Logistics
Smart Metrics is our in-house logistics data reporting software. Customers can view real-time data in one dashboard or via external document at a scheduled time. Smart Metrics also provides insight on improving your supply chain

About SmartMetrics

3PL ProTrans Third-Party Logistics supply chain Logistics
ProTrans utilizes advanced scanning technology to organize, confirm, and provide you even more shipment visibility. We also utilize locational scanning in which CERTIFIED drivers scan and validate all parts and packaging through mobile devices.

About Scanning Technology

ProTrans Solutions:

Our third-party logistics (3PL) solutions, including supply chain management, supply chain design, transportation procurement and route management, are designed to fulfill the increasingly complex demands of today’s logistics.
By incorporating proven tools to protect your freight, manage carrier capacity and efficiently operate your supply chain, we’re able to become your true partner — driving down your total landed costs.
Our pool distribution solutions are an extended option available to implement cost savings in your supply chain. Working with our consolidation network, our strategically located facilities and vast carrier network make up our North American operations.
ProTrans Freight Management solutions move your freight in the necessary time frames with in-depth visibility. We do this by using dedicated teams focused on monitoring and tracking your loads.
In situations with drastically fluctuating inventory volumes, the shared solutions deliver the greatest value. Not only will you be able to quickly respond to tracking needs and pay only for space used, you will also share the costs of overhead, personnel, and equipment.
Our specialized ProMex Direct solutions allow your freight to be moved into Mexico without unloading, additional handling or validation along the border.

ProTrans Holding Companies

3PL ProTrans Third-Party Logistics supply chain Logistics