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We have a strong commitment to quality and continuous improvement, and that’s why we have internal programs that empower our people to improve best practices for themselves, their team, the company and our customers.

In addition, we embrace our corporate values — beliefs, principles, and standards that do not change over time. These values are the resources we draw on when asked to make decisions, forming the groundwork for our ethical behavior at work and in our community.

We pride ourselves on:

  • Doing the right thing
  • Respecting everyone
  • Building strong relationships
  • Taking care of our people
  • Giving back
  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit

Find a career that is a perfect fit

The positive work environment, community involvement, and family-oriented atmosphere have always been my favorite things about ProTrans. All these things create a great place to work and has encouraged me to move to different departments to learn more about the company and the way it works as a whole.

Olivia Whitesell – Supply Chain Manager

I have been given the opportunity to work with many different individuals across many different departments at ProTrans. The opportunities have allowed me to grow and learn from their experiences to better myself as both an employee and an individual.

Kevin Kinney – Relationship Management Specialist

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A Program Designed to Help New Employees Excel

Our Talent Development Program

From our headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, ProTrans employs some of the best and brightest graduates with backgrounds in logistics, supply chain management, software engineering, accounting, finance, and other areas.

By rotating through various ProTrans departments in our 10 – 12 week rotational program and participating in additional training and development opportunities, participants gain:

  • A foundational understanding of ProTrans, its various departments and how the departments impact each other

  • Knowledge and skills to prepare them for future positions of responsibility

  • An improved understanding of their professional talents and interests so that an appropriate career path can be developed

  • An opportunity to network with all management levels within the company and experience multiple locations

Grow with ProTrans

At ProTrans, we have designed and created a program full of valuable resources, face to face teachings, and multi-departmental experiences. We want you to grow into what fits you best and provide you with the opportunity to equip yourself with as much knowledge and experience as possible.


Positions at a Glance

Supply Chain Managers 

As a ProTrans Supply Chain Manager, I am one of the main points of contact for customer maintenance, network performance, and logistics plan management. It is my responsibility for extracting, assembling and analyzing logistics data to identify opportunities for improvement. – Mikayla Lechenet


In my part of the Procurement world, I firefight the billing issues our carriers sometimes have with our customers and keep the communication lines open and shipments moving! Monitoring shipping rates and carrier award letters, approving accessorial items for payment, and researching the correct bill to locations for pay agents are some of the other parts of my day too. – Jane Martin

Account Relationship Managers

As an Account Relationship Manager, I serve as a Liaison between ProTrans and the Customer to ensure we are effectively executing the agreed upon services outlined in our commercial agreement. Day to day I focus on mitigating re-occurring issues to ensure ProTrans is delivering the best customer experience!  – Kelley Wilhoit

Benefits and Training

In addition to our nationally competitive compensation packages and profit sharing program, we offer an excellent benefits package including medical, dental, and 401(k) plan. As a family-focused organization, we also provide our employees generous vacation, personal, and sick leave. Because we know that educated employees enhance our company, we are committed to continuing educational assistance programs.
We offer multiple opportunities for our current employees to continuously expand their knowledge with training programs and online simulations. Our programs are designed to enable our employees to develop and expand on topics they are looking to improve on. Along with our training programs, we encourage our employees to seek industry and professional certifications.



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