25th Anniversary Employee Profile - Chris Blunk

Posted: 11/20/2018
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This year is an important milestone for ProTrans International – 2018 marks our 25th year as a leader in the logistics industry. Over the past 25 years, ProTrans has stayed a steady presence in the industry and has found its niche in the 3PL and Consolidation market. To help celebrate this year we are celebrating 25 people who have dedicated years of service to help shape ProTrans into the organization that we know today.
Our featured profile today is of Chris Blunk, Chief Operating Officer here at corporate in Indianapolis. Chris has been with ProTrans for 23 years!  

What position(s) have you held since working with ProTrans?
Accounts Receivable, Line Haul Planner, New Business Analyst, Director of Financial Analysis, and COO.

What is one interesting fact about ProTrans when you started?
ProTrans was only moving freight through the El Paso corridor for our consolidation services. We had approximately 25 employees company-wide.

What was the last thing you heard or saw which made you laugh out loud?
Listening to my 3 sons make fun of each other.

What hobbies do you enjoy?
Following IU sports, hunting, visiting craft breweries and wineries

Cats or dogs? Or other pets?
I have one dog.

What excites you so much that it keeps you awake the night before?
Going on vacations.

What is the one thing you have waited in line the longest for?
Probably a roller coaster of some sort with my sons.

Since starting with ProTrans, what is the biggest change you have seen/experienced with the company?
Growth of services offered and overall volume of business.

What way has the industry changed since you started with ProTrans?
Much more technology and integration between service providers and customers.

What industry trends do you see emerging in the upcoming years?
Technology will continue to drive the industry whether that be through the continued evolution of apps that allow end users more access to data or continue evolution of equipment to allow for more efficient transport of materials.

What is the 1 thing in this world you are most proud of?
My family.

What are you passionate about?
Providing our customers with the best service available in the industry.

If you could take a paid year off, what would you do with the time?
Travel with my wife.

If you could splurge on one must have item, what would it be?
Hunting Cabin

What is your favorite sport? Team? And Sport’s moment in history? 
IU Basketball. Keith Smart’s game winning shot to win the 1987 National Championship.

What has compelled you to stay with ProTrans for as long as you have?
The company has continued to grow and challenge me all along the way offering great opportunities in my career. The people are also a huge piece. There are people here I have worked with for many years that I think of as family.


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  • Mitch MacDonald 01/30/2019 at 11:28 AM Reply

    Congratulations Chris on your 25th anniversary milestone! I am very happy to see you are doing well. ProTrans has always held a special place in my heart and have fond memories of the years of being part of the ProTrans team. All my best to you, Craig and the rest of the team!
    -Mitch MacDonald

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