25th Anniversary Employee Profile - Dennis Smith

Posted: 08/16/2018
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This year is an important milestone for ProTrans International – 2018 marks our 25th year as a leader in the logistics industry. Over the past 25 years, ProTrans has stayed a steady presence in the industry and has found its niche in the 3PL and Consolidation market. To help celebrate this year we are celebrating 25 people who have dedicated years of service to help shape ProTrans into the organization that we know today.
Our featured profile today is of Dennis Smith, VP of Business Development. Dennis has been with ProTrans for 16 years!  

What position(s) have you held since working with ProTrans?
Sales & business Development

What is one interesting fact about ProTrans when you started?
Interviewed with Kathy Joy, Chris Blunk, Lisa Doerner, & Craig Roeder on the 2nd floor above a movie theater. I was not even offered popcorn … can you believe that.

What was the “hip” trend (clothing, hair, technology, food, etc.) when you started working at ProTrans?
Internet startups were all the rage … I came to ProTrans from Supply Solution which was a startup technology company. I owned 20,000 shares that were worth roughly $24 when I came to ProTrans

What was the last thing you heard or saw which made you laugh out loud?
John Woods saying …. “I can’t believe that you’re here”

What hobbies do you enjoy?
Traveling with my kids & grandchildren, Golf, music

Cats or dogs? Or other pets?
No pets at the present time however; have owned many dogs & a couple cats over the last 30 years.

What excites you so much that it keeps you awake the night before?
As a kid it was Christmas or a big game … now not much …

What is the one thing you have waited in line the longest for?
To cross back into the US from Tijuana … almost 3 hours. That is tied with going to see the Who as the first act at the Pontiac Silverdome in 1975. It was open seating and the first concert scheduled at that facility. Going early did not make a difference people crammed any area they wanted to go. Also, a tip for those allergic to cannabis … do not go to an enclosed concert venue it is essentially an oversize bong that you are in the middle of (Not that I know what a bong is … I’ve heard that is what it’s like)

Since starting with ProTrans, what is the biggest change you have seen/experienced with the company?
Not much to tell you the truth … It is still a family run company that care enthusiastically about its customers & employees. Just like it was on the second floor of the movie theater back in May of 2002.

What way has the industry changed since you started with ProTrans?
Some would say technology and that is true however; the logistics industry itself is really a small community of good people trying to get the job done for their companies & customers.

What industry trends do you see emerging in the upcoming years?
Autonomous trucks

What is the 1 thing in this world you are most proud of?
My kids and their Kids … what fun!

What are you passionate about?
Politics … and our Constitutional Republic … and the rights of the individual … some would say I am way too passionate!

If you could take a paid year off, what would you do with the time?
Hopefully it would not be much different from what I am doing today and everyday.

What’s the most incredible view you’ve ever seen?
1. Hole 12 at Arcadia Bluffs overlooking Lake Michigan. If you have been to Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes looking out over Lake Michigan you know what I am talking about. 2. The North Rim at the Grand Canyon, El Capitain in Yosemite, A wolf pack in Yellowstone, Maui the road to Hana, Smokey Mountains, The Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island from the ferry, The front porch of the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island, The Lincoln Memorial in the early evening, etc. 3. Honorable mention: The view of Paris from Marmot and the gardens at Versailles, 4. If I took the time … this would go on and on … way too many to mention.

At which store would you like to max-out your credit card?

If you could splurge on one must have item, what would it be?
A Safari in Africa

What was the best concert you ever attended?
A Spanish guitar concert at The Gaudi Palau de la Musica in Barcelona Spain … the facility is unbelievably beautiful the music was almost secondary … google it quite a place!

What is your favorite sport? Team? And Sport’s moment in history?
Probably Football … The Wolverines …. Threw the first touchdown pass in the first class A state championship playoff game in Michigan.

What has compelled you to stay with ProTrans for as long as you have?
Craig Roeder he has built a company that has opened its arms up to me and my family. He has made it a lot of fun along the way! I will always be grateful!


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