Shipping Days with Parcel Carriers

Posted: 06/26/2018
Category: Shipping

Know What to Expect Before Choosing a Provider

While the logistics industry is a non-stop operation, some carriers and logistics service providers have restrictions on daily deliveries. One of the common restrictions that often plagues both shippers of organizations, and direct consumers, is the non-frequent parcel delivery days.

Before choosing a shipping option, it is important to know what days the provider you have chosen delivers. Commonly, parcel shippers operate in a 5-6 day window. This means shipments are able to be delivered Monday through Friday, with additional options for Saturday, leaving Sunday considered to be a non-delivery day. To receive the extended services, a shipper may have to select a specific shipment type in order to indicate the need for delivery on the weekend.
Some providers, while they do deliver on Saturdays, will charge increased shipping fees for the service. Shipments that require an expedite also have options for weekend shipping, while they will also incur higher associated costs. Each provider is different and to know what to expect, it is recommended that options are researched before making a final decision.

Staying educated on the options you have is important to make strategic decisions. Below we highlight four of the major parcel shippers and their current operational shipping days.  


For more information on the specific providers listed above, please see their dedicated websites for up-to-date shipping information.

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