We move more of your materials with fewer trucks, helping you keep costs down and efficiencies high.

Consolidation Process

Phase 1: Plan

ProTrans analyzes your supply chain and creates a logistics plan . LTL shipments are then picked up at the supplier and taken to the consolidation center.

Phase 2: Utilize Capacity

After shipments arrive, ProTrans employees begin consolidation based on the plan. With multiple clients loaded onto one trailer, each customer pays for the portion of the trailer that they use (part load pricing).
Due to ProTrans’ strategic locations, a large carrier network, and expert capacity management, trucks are utilized to their highest capacity. As a result, costs related to materials are lower.

Phase 3: Deliver

Finally, the consolidated trailer carries the freight across the country. It is delivered to a location central to the point of consumption, or border crossing.

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With 25 years of experience, ProTrans continues to grow its network of carriers offering LTL services. Operating from strategically located facilities throughout North America, we’ve developed a consolidation network unlike any other.
Each Facility serves as a consolidation point that allows ProTrans to operate efficient programs such as: Southbound consolidation, northbound consolidation, and pool distribution.
With proven tools to protect your freight, manage carrier capacity, and efficiently operate your supply chain, we’re able to become your true partner!

Begin working with a partner that changes to become a perfect fit for your logistics needs!

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2,750 Consolidation Shipments Per Week

ProTrans is always moving shipments through it’s consolidation network. As a customer, your shipments will have network volume that allows for full capacity utilization in trailers.

25 Warehouse & Crossdock Facilities in North America

Our consolidation network contains strategically located centers that shorten your LTL length. In addition, we also have over 1,800 centers under contract and available for any change in needs.

2 proprietary In-House Data and Visibility Systems

ProTrans has created it’s own Transportation Management System and reporting software (Optimiz and SmartMetrics). The two systems give you the visibility, custom configuration, and data analysis you need for making strategic decisions with your consolidation shipments.