Streamlining your border crossing process.
The border crossing and processing support you need.
Our cross border experts use detailed information to process the documentation necessary for flawless shipments. ProTrans streamlines your border crossing process by these main methods:
1. Completing validation and verification on part-level detail
2. Working directly with your Customs Border Agent.
Seamless Crossing Into Mexico
Our specialized ProMex Direct service allows your freight to be moved into Mexico without unloading, additional handling, or validation along the border. Freight is verified at the first point of consolidation while customs brokerage paperwork is filed while the truck is in transit. This processing solution allows for virtually non-stop delivery and aligns with our goals of shipping your goods quickly and eliminating all potentials for a delay.
Major Benefits Include
Improved data gathering and reporting | Reduced damages and faster transit times | Enhanced utilization from consolidation to delivery | Exception Management/Recoup of Freight, Supplier Compliance, etc.
In-House Broker
Materials arrive at our transportation dock, they are then unloaded and distributed to the specific customer. Each of our customers has their Mexico customs broker service within our facilities where their customs broker develops documents for import processing. With this, all processing takes place in-house.
Once the material has been processed in our system and checked by in-house customs agents they then notify our customers. freight is loaded and shipped according to customer specifications. By completing the processing activities in our facility the following benefits can apply:
Maximized trailer utilization | Reduced damages | Reduced transit time | Fewer | freight touches | Potential reduction in broker charges through reduced handling requirements | Streamlined border crossing
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Let Us Make Your Border Cross Quick and Efficient