Flexible materials warehousing solutions that respond to your unique inventory and fulfillment needs.
A Solution for Minimal Space
The distinctive advantage of having a dedicated inventory program is that you are granted a certain amount of warehousing space as agreed to and specified in the contract. We manage and operate the warehouse in an outsourced manner that meets your established business requirements. Our Centers are strategically located to support a smooth flow of materials and goods within the North America borders.
Customer-Defined Inventory Management
Recognizing that your inventory requirements are one-of-a-kind, we offer a variety of solutions that can be tailored to your specific circumstances.
In situations with drastically fluctuating inventory volumes, a shared warehousing solution delivers the greatest value. Not only will you be able to quickly respond to tracking needs and pay only for space used, you will also share the costs of overhead, personnel, and equipment.
Alternatively, when inventory levels stabilize over time, dedicated management is the ideal option. We help you establish an inventory center in your facility, near plant sites or within one of our established warehousing facilities, then manage and operate the warehouse in an outsourced manner that meets your established business requirements.
Supplier Mall Solutions
Through the ProTrans Supplier Mall program, more commonly known as a vendor managed inventory (VMI) program, your suppliers manage inventory levels based on established and mutually acceptable guidelines. This solution reduces costs associated with planning and procuring materials while enabling your vendor to better manage their inventory through greater visibility into yours. Our VMI supplier malls can be located at one of our warehousing centers, a dedicated facility or on-site.
Operating out of one of our facilities can:
Increase Supplier Control | Improve Visibility of Inventory | Improve Forecasting of Future Demand | Increase Production Space | Allows Focus on Core Competency | JIT Service from Supplier Mall | Reduce On-Site Inventory | Reduce Premium Freight | Reduce Overhead Costs
Managing Capacity – Cube IQ Software
From the warehouse to your production facility, we are still finding solutions increased for space utilization. A visual and metric load utilization tool that ProTrans uses to optimally fill each trailer to maximum capacity.
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