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ProTrans third-party logistics creates customized solutions to fit your needs. With our in-house TMS and BI tools, we can program our customized reporting to fit your specific requirements. As a result, you receive the visibility and control you need while supply chain managers handle the work. We have provided third-party solutions for the past 25 years and intend to continuously improve our process to stay a leader in the industry.
ProTrans gives you:
Logistics Flexibility
Our third-party logistics (3PL) services are designed to fulfill the increasingly complex demands of today’s logistics. Furthermore, these processes are aligned to provide our customers with options to adapt to the changing needs of their network.
Full Coverage Management
We manage everything — from carrier relationships to rates and regulations — to help you focus on your core business needs. While we do that, you can still be in control and have the visibility you need to make strategic decisions. Operating 24 hours a day, we are able to connect you with a team member who is able to assess any of your needs.
Constant Efficiencies
Because of our internally developed technology and data capture methods, we are able to develop optimized logistics plans that simplify your complex supply chain. As a result, our savings opportunities are true, implementable and — in most cases — guaranteed to impact your bottom line.
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Our Third-Party Logistics Services Include:
Logistics Plan Management | Logistics Plan Design | Predictive Analytics | Procurement | Account Management | Transportation Management | Optimiz TMS | Smart Metrics Data Reporting
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