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What is "Optimiz"?

ProTrans Optimiz is our advanced transportation management system (TMS). It is a web-based proprietary logistics management software that not only ensures your materials move flawlessly from one point to the next, but also provides the control and visibility you demand to effectively manage your supply chain.
WE OWN THE CODE! Optimiz is one system, one software, in one place. We make it easy to use and provide a single environment to manage your supply chain. We know that every customer is unique and their workflows just as unique as they are. That is why our IT professionals have the ability to customize solutions to meet any customer’s needs. LOGIN TO OPTIMIZ
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Optimiz, transportation management system, allows its users complete tracking visibility of their shipments. As a ProTrans customer, you have complete control over what you see and when you see it. Optimiz allows you to drill down the details of each shipment which enables you to make strategic decisions.
Custom Configuration
Since we have developed an in-house TMS system, we have the ability to custom configure specifically to your needs. What you need and want is our priority and we will put it into place with rapid implementation.
Real-time data
ProTrans has made it a point that our TMS provide you real-time data so that you are in control at every single moment. Seeing data in real-time gives you the ability to strategically plan for the next workflow step rather than waiting to receive the data after the workflow has finished.
Electronic Data Interchange
Optimiz interfaces with your MRP system to create a smooth flow of information between all parties. This valuable ability allows each party to be on the same page. Optimiz EDI is perfect for electronic invoicing, order management, and shipment creation.
Track and Trace
Knowing where your shipments are throughout transit allows you to make strategic decisions, plan, communicate, and have peace of mind. Through real-time tracking status messages and interactive maps, you have updates and data provided to you.

Heat Map Track and Trace

ProTrans has created a visual track and trace service that increases our customer’s visibility.Through the interface between google maps and our Optimiz TMS, our customers are tracking all of their North American in-transit shipments. This centrally located web page can be set to update at multiple different intervals, such as every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, etc. Truck and plane icons are used to represent ground loads and expedited moves respectively.
Black Background-heat map-trucks
Users can click on each truck/plane and a sub-window displays all the shipment IDs of freight currently in-transit.
Black Background-heat map-popup small
Each load can be drilled down into further detail and will even show the full route and street-level location from the carrier’s satellite check calls.
Black Background-heat map-popup
For a clearer understanding of a shipments actual transit time, traffic detail has been included in the heat map tracking.
Heat Map Color Scheme
Green = All shipments on the load are on time. | Yellow = The load is in jeopardy of being 0-4 hours late. | Red = The load is going to be expedited | Green/Yellow/Red = Shipments have mixed on-time status
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