3PL ProTrans Third-Party Logistics supply chain Logistics
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With our ProTrans customer app, each customer has complete visibility on all of their shipments. Our user-friendly tracking app provides you data quickly and clearly while delivering you the instant support you need in any situation.
Customer app-shadow-Billto
ProTrans customers can select their specific bill to location and receive all shipment data related to it.
Customer app-shadow-status dash
Multiple categories of shipment situations are provided so that you can see a summary of shipment data that has the ability to be viewed in greater detail.
Customer app-shadow-shipment ids
Each category supplies the specific shipment data as shown above and can be seen in further detail. The trucks show you how close the shipment is to being delivered and red and green color codes are used to show late and on-time shipments respectively.
Customer app-shadow-livemap
When choosing a specific shipment, you are able to see a map view. This map view shows the planned route and the location of the shipment while in transit.
ProTrans provides customer support contact options within the tracking app. There is a general contact for any matter you may have a question about and then there are contacts with specific addresses and phone numbers to ProTrans employees that work directly with your account. The dedicated contacts provided are your Supply Chain Manager, Account Manager, and Director of those managers.You will be able to get in contact with a ProTrans representative related to your specific account when it’s needed most.
Get Shipment Visibility Anywhere and Anytime