ProTrans Network Scanning

At all of our network centers, we utilize scanning technology to organize, confirm, and provide visibility on all shipments coming in and going out. These scanning capabilities not only provide us with efficient and effective processes to ensure shipment organization and accuracy but also gives you the ability to track shipments via our proprietary transportation management system OPTIMIZ.

ProTrans Location Scanning

With this service, each of our CERTIFIED drivers scan and validate all parts and packaging through mobile hand-held devices. A constant scan and validate process allows us to track real-time pickup quantities/discrepancies and also provides an arrival/departure check call from the supplier. In addition to scanning, drivers can use their devices to take pictures of freight and/or scan paperwork.


ProTrans strives to be one of the most innovative 3PL’s in the industry. Our software OPTIMIZ and SMART METRICS provide top of the line customer configuration, tracking, communication, and visibility. Learn more about our technology and what it can do for you!

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