ProTrans Smart Metrics is our in-house logistics data reporting software. It provides our customers with real-time reporting in one dashboard or in a document, external from the software, that is sent to you at a scheduled time.

The key isn’t just information, but it is also how it is used. With Smart Metrics, you can not only find every detail of every movement within your network, but it can also provide insight on improving your supply chain solutions.


Service Levels

The service levels dashboard provide you with detailed data on deliveries and pickups performance.

Cost Analysis

All logistics data concerning shipment costs are housed in the cost analysis dashboard.


In order for you to see how your shipments are doing with savings, we have a savings dashboard.


ProTrans provides customers with a dashboard dedicated to keeping track of invoices and payments.


Smart Metrics gives you the ability to keep track of any claim and claim type on your shipments.

Carrier Scorecard

This scorecard gives you the ability to see how our carriers are doing and in what areas they are succeeding or failing.



Within Smart Metrics, there are multiple filtering categories that allow you to drill down into the details of your logistics data:

  • Calendar (Year, Quarter, Month, Week)
  • Mode
  • Business Unit
  • Cost Type
  • Claim Type
  • Shipment Type
  • Mile Range
  • Lane
  • Carrier
  • Service Type