We give you the REAL-TIME resources for complete VISIBILITY so that you can have the CONTROL necessary to make STRATEGIC decisions

At ProTrans, we give you shipment data in real time so that information is there in a moments notice. We know you rely on this data for not only current shipment decisions, but also for predictive analytics. We believe that a strong and efficient supply chain is driven by data.

Knowing where your shipments are at any moment can be crucial to your operational success. At ProTrans, we provide proprietary resources that allow you to see where your shipments have been, where they are currently, and where they are planned to be. Our Geo fencing/GPS heat map technology gives you literal visibility of your shipments while you view it anywhere and anytime.

In a partnership, communication is key to making decisions. This is why we make sure all parties are on the same page via our Electronic Data Interchange capabilities. Whether you are a carrier, suppplier, or ProTrans customer, you are going to be given the information that is necessary to you to effectively manage your supply chain. In addition, our dedicated SCM’s handle your every need and will put your decisions into action.
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Partner with us and have complete control/visibility of your supply chain