“The MORE PLANNING, the MORE SAVING.” We Identify the synergies across our network and create a plan that’s a perfect fit for you.


Custom To You
At ProTrans, we create a plan to make our network, our systems, and our processes fit you. Driven by your current and historical data, we develop a overall plan while also dynamically planning daily routes. We believe in planning, which is why over 95% of our customer networks are planned movements.
Cost Savings
From the very beginning, we create a savings roadmap that guides us to hit savings goals and allows you to track your networks savings progression. On average, customers see cost reduction anywhere from 5%-10% in their entire supply chain depending on the network.
Logistics Engineering Process
1. Gather data from all possible and relevant transportation data and history.
2. Perform In-depth analysis of current logistics network.
3. Scrub the data to identify the optimal solution
4. Engineer your network into an “initial logistics plan” where we plug your network into ours.
Expert Engineers
Our expert logistics engineers have a main responsibility to construct a logistics flow that identifies the greatest cost savings and adheres to the customer’s specific needs. Our engineers are experts in:
Transportation and Network Design | Manufacturing Principles | Inventory Control | Quality Control | Freight Modes



Improves Trailer Utilization
Shares Trailer Capacity for Part Load Pricing
Has Customs Brokers at docks
Integrates Value Adding Services
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Within our strategic network, we have built multiple facilities that maximize operational efficiency inside and out and improve flow of material. Our high velocity facilities put warehouse operations at the center providing less steps and focused communication/teamwork. We put your brokers in our facility and work to Maxamize trailer utilization, reduce damages, reduce transit times, touch your freight less, and potentially reduce broker charges.
In addition, ProTrans facility design includes energy efficient features: White Roof | LED lighting | Light Sensors | Energy Star Appliances/Equipment | Low-flow fixtures
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Laredo aerial
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San Luis Potosi Facility (Under Construction) - Our High Velocity 200,000 Square Foot San Luis Potosi Facility will continue the operationally efficient ProTrans Design. Its features include: Cross Dock, 5,000 square foot main offic, 2,500 square foot warehouse office, Driver Areas, 138 Trailer Positions, 91 Dock Doors, 2 Ramps, 32' Ceiling Height, Fenced & Lighted Truck Court, and Guard House.



At ProTrans, we have regionally based carrier development managers that are aligned with our operations. By having this setup, we can meet with carriers face to face and build strong relationships that will ultimately benefit your supply chain.


Capacity and service level consistency, for your movements, is our priority. That is why we have built a network full of asset-based carriers. We want carriers who have a soul focus of on-time movement and performing to your standards. We work to provide you the best and most trusted on every shipment.
Let’s start planning your efficient and cost saving supply chain