About ProTrans

ProTrans, founded in 1993, is an award-winning Indianapolis based transportation and supply chain management provider that specializes in Third-Party Logistics (3PL), Freight Consolidation, Freight Management Services, and Inventory and Fulfillment Management.

We serve many vertical markets including various manufacturing industries within Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Our expertise includes innovative, best-in-class solutions that identify operational efficiency, cost-savings opportunities, and improved transit times as well as accommodate unplanned freight.

We have experienced tremendous growth in our twenty-five-year history evolving into a dynamic service provider of innovative and customer focused supply chain management solutions. Our creative thinking, nimble infrastructure, and customized logistics solutions will allow you to concentrate on your business

ProTrans is committed to providing innovative logistcs solutions that meet and exceeds our customers’ expectations. We encourage our business partners to support ProTrans’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability initiatives consisting of social, environmental, business conduct, and compliance programs integrated into ProTrans’ operational systems and corporate strategy.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Practices that contribute to the quality of life of both employees and communities that could be impacted by the company’s operations (such as non-discrimination, health, and safety at work, respect for human rights, etc.)


Practices that contribute to the quality of the environment on a long-term basis (such as recycling, energy efficiency, water conservation, carbon emission controls via protection: Resource Management & Environmental Smartway certification governed by EPA

Business Conduct and Compliance

Principles that guide business conduct in its relations towards its business partners and customers( such as ethical policy against corruption, bribery, extortion, etc.)

Mission | Values | Culture


ProTrans is committed to providing innovative logistics solutions that meet or exceed our customer’s needs and expectations.

ProTrans will accomplish this by:

  • Providing a visionary approach to value-added service enhancements, effective internal and external communications, and our commitment to maintaining leading-edge technology;
  • Developing highly skilled, effective, and professional personnel/organization
  • Working with suppliers to optimize supply chain efficiency
  • Creating value for customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders
  • Focusing on continual improvement opportunities throughout our key quality processes for our external and internal customers that increase efficiency and profitability


Our values are our beliefs, principles, and standards that do not change over time. Values are the resources we draw on when asked to make decisions. They form the groundwork for our ethical behavior. We believe in:

  • Doing the right thing
  • Respect for all people
  • Building strong relationships
  • Taking care of our people
  • Giving back
  • Providing excellent customer services
  • Encouraging entrepreneurial spirit


ProTrans corporate culture embraces an entrepreneurial spirit that allows our operations to be flexible and customer focused.

Executing our Mission Statement, ProTrans is committed to value-added services, effective communication, and visionary leading-edge technology. We have a strong commitment throughout ProTrans to quality and continuous improvement. Internal programs empower employees in every functional area to offer ideas for improved best practices for themselves, their team, ProTrans, and our customers

Our employees embrace our corporate Values (believes, principles, and standards) both through service projects at work and in our community.

Our Road to 25+ years of success

From the Start |

ProTrans International’s founder, Craig Roeder, is a true entrepreneur.  While working at a logistics company in 1993, he had an idea that would benefit both the company and their customers.  By combining partial truckloads of manufacturers’ raw materials onto one tractor-trailer and charging the customer for only a portion of the cost of the line haul, both the company and the customers saved money.

However, the company focused on volume truckloads and didn’t want to delve into such a small niche.

Craig didn’t want to be just another of the over 4,000 trucking companies in the United States.  He figures that being number 4,001 wouldn’t really be unique and encourage new customers to try ProTrans International.  Instead, his vision consisted of a logistics company.  All the movement of freight is handled by partner carriers.  We coordinate the movement, they move the freight.

Craig truly believed in the value of consolidating and decided to branch out on his own.  ProTrans International was founded in 1993 to provide freight consolidation services from suppliers in Midwestern states for delivery into El Paso.

Now he had the daunting task of convincing partner carriers, employees, and customers to believe in him.  While operating out of a trailer, he was able to use his years in the business and his networking skills to start developing all three elements.

“We only did weekend lanes, meaning we picked up materials on Thursday for a Monday delivery.” Craig himself would drive from Indianapolis to Chicago every Friday to load up the trailer.  Often he would travel to El Paso to make sure the shipments arrived.

Growing the Business |

In the first quarter of 1994, we acquired a large customer and exploded from two consolidated truckloads per week to two full trucks a day. In order to accommodate this burgeoning growth, staff had to be hired and trained at various centers throughout the country. Craig was able to attract young talent and experienced veterans by his excellent sales skills and the promise of a unique opportunity.

Craig had a specific growth plan to establish a presence in the US/Mexican border towns. New Service Centers were added by customer requests as they wanted us to be located close to their suppliers and manufacturing plants. As soon as we sold an account that brought traffic to El Paso, the floodgates were opened and ProTrans International’s sales skyrocketed.

Along with the consolidations, we started booking full truckloads. This made it easier for our customers as they only had to work with one transportation company. With this added volume, we were able to provide additional price breaks, giving us an additional edge on the competition.

With all this growth, we needed complex systems to manage all the traffic. No generic program was sophisticated enough to meet our needs so we decided to develop our own. An Information Systems department was formed to meet all of our technological needs. They wrote our own customized program, ProTrack, that coordinated the actual movement of shipments. Since the growth of ProTrans was quick moving, ProTrack no longer fit the needs of our customer and our developers created Optimiz. Optimiz, our advanced Transportation Management System (TMS), is a proprietary logistics management software that not only ensures your materials move flawlessly from one point to the next, but also provides the control and visibility you demand to effectively manage shipments from end to end.

Present Day |

Through customer focus groups, performance reviews, and daily operations, we learn what the customers need for further efficiencies. Because we desire to keep our customers satisfied, we have been adding services over the past few years. We now offer managed returnable containers, outbound distribution, Supplier Malls, Global Inventory Visibility system, and border crossing services.

At the time of ProTrans International’s conception, manufacturers had very limited options for managing shipments of their supplier’s goods. Now, we provide customers with creatively engineered solutions. Our success is directly attributed to the dedication, perseverance, and flexibility inherent in each member of our team. Our commitment to recruiting, developing, and maintaining a high-quality workforce will continue to drive our success. And lastly, our ongoing utilization and enhancement of technology and communication tools will only ensure that we provide our customers with essential and advanced resources.

Executive Team

Gary Cardenas | CEO

Gary began his career with ProTrans International in 1996 as a Business Development Mgr., quickly becoming Director Of Sales and then Vice President of Sales/Marketing before leaving in 2009/2010 to become Owner and President of TOC Logistics International, Inc. In 2017, he returned to serve as President of ProTrans, integrating TOC into the ProTrans Holdings operations. In 2019, ProTrans named Gary CEO.

Gary is an accomplished supply chain solutions professional with over thirty years of increasing responsibility in the International/Domestic logistics industry. He has a strong background in operating environments and is proficient in establishing continuous improvement processes and quality-based problem-solving. He also has a keen understanding of, and can effectively penetrate internal and external business practices and industrial processes to maximize revenues, improve operations, and strengthen business relationships.

Gary received his education in International Marketing from William Rainey Harper College and National-Louis University.

Shawn Masters | Chief Commercial Officer

Shawn is responsible for the commercial strategy and development of the organization, the customer interface, and product and service expansion. He leads all activities related to marketing, account management, supply chain management and transportation management operations. Since joining ProTrans in 2006, Shawn has previously held the title of Vice President of Logistics and is responsible for the startup of the company’s third-party logistics service offering and Vice President of Operations while leading all consolidation and transportation operations activities.

Before joining ProTrans, he was Director of Customer Logistics at Ryder Logistics, involved in many account startups including top-tier one and OEM manufacturing accounts. A 1993 graduate of Central Michigan University, Shawn holds a Bachelor of Science degree in logistics management and marketing.

Lisa Doerner | Chief Financial Officer

Lisa leads all accounting and analysis activities, along with strategic planning. She first joined ProTrans in 1995 through the accounting department, worked in the analysis department from 1999 to 2004, and later served as Manager of Analysis from 2004 to 2009. These many years of experience gave her deep insight into the inner-workings of a company she would soon lead.

A graduate of Indiana University, Lisa has a degree in accounting.

John Woods | Executive Vice President of Sales

John joined ProTrans in 1999 as a Sales Consultant in California. He later served roles as Regional Director of Border Sales in Texas and General Director of ProTrans de Mexico in Queretaro, Mexico, overseeing Sales, Operations and Administration. He currently serves as EVP of Sales, a position he has held since 2009.

Prior to joining ProTrans, John held a variety of Sales and Operations positions in the international ocean shipping division of Consolidated Freightways in Seattle and Los Angeles. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Texas Christian University.

Chris Blunk | Chief Operations Officer

Chris is responsible for all operational activities including Consolidation Operations in the United States and Mexico, Transportation Management and Freight Management; assuring these functions are aligned to meet the objectives of ProTrans and its customers.

As an integral part of ProTrans for over nineteen years, his background includes extensive experience in Operations, Analysis, and Logistics Engineering, as well as experience, gained Manager of Pricing and Cost Analysis and Director of Financial Analysis. As a senior leader, Chris contributes toward employee engagement, leadership development, customer focus, and quality. Chris holds a Bachelor degree in accounting from Indiana University.

Ratnam Philip | Chief Information Officer

Ratnam serves as ProTrans’ Chief Information Officer. In this role, he brings strong data science background empowering both people and companies with strategic data. Ratnam has over 30 years’ experience in supply chain, logistics, transportation, and customs compliance. He has worked for Fortune 500 companies and managed global organizations.

Ratnam holds an MBA from Andhra University, India.