We move more of your materials with fewer trucks, helping you keep costs down and efficiencies high.

With 25+ years of experience, ProTrans continues to grow its network of carriers offering LTL services. Operating from strategically located facilities throughout North America, we’ve developed a consolidation network unlike any other.

Reduce Damages

In our consolidation network, your materials experience fewer touch points than the traditional “hub and spoke” 3PL provider. With fewer touches, there are fewer opportunities for damages.

Shared Linehauls

We take your freight long distances on our consolidated linehauls. You only need to pay for the space that you use instead of the whole truck!

Shorter LTL Length

Due to our strategically located crossdocking facilities, you will have shorter LTL lengths, allowing our consolidation process to take care of the rest of the haul.

Facilities Network

ProTrans has set up a network full of strategically located cross-dock/distribution/warehousing facilities. These facilities are what creates your consolidated shipments and provides you with the ability to shorten LTL lengths and only pay for the space you use. Here’s what our consolidation solution looks like in our network:

Phase 1

After analyzing your supply chain and creating a logistics plan that provides the optimal solution, LTL shipments are picked up at the supplier and taken to the nearest cross-docking facility.

Phase 2

Consolidation is executed as multiple clients are loaded onto the same trailer. Each customer pays for the portion of the trailer that they use (part load pricing).

With multiple strategic locations, a large carrier network, and expert capacity management, trucks are utilized to their highest capacity, which lowers the cost related to your materials.

Phase 3

The consolidated trailer carries the freight across the country to a location central to the point of consumption or border crossing.

Capacity Management

Logistics Post Trailers

Currently, over 70% of trailers used in ProTrans consolidation network are logistics post trailers. ProTrans also owns over 7,000 logistics load bars.

Cube IQ Software

Cube IQ is a visual and metric load utilization tool that ProTrans uses to optimally fill each trailer to maximum capacity.

Contracted Carriers

ProTrans has thousands of contracted carriers within our network – to handle both consolidation and direct moves.

The utilization of load bars in logistics post trailers allows for full capacity consolidation and shipment cost savings. Because of this utilization, shipments are able to be stacked and save space within the trailers. With saved space, other customers can use the same trailer and each customer pays for the portion of the trailer that they use (part load pricing).

To ensure that these options are available for fluctuations in demand, we make it a requirement that our core carriers have logistics post trailers. With this vast carrier network, you do not have to worry about utilizing all capacity.

Start saving and gaining efficiency in your supply chain