Our distribution services are geared toward reducing your costs and simplifying processes to the last mile

With ProTrans distribution, your shipments will not be held waiting for the next departure. Consistent volume allows us to create cost reductions with a shared linehaul and zone skipping strategies. Due to the use of a shared line haul, there is a lower LTL length of haul to the final destination.

Consistent Volume

Our carrier network provides the necessary volume to keep you freight moving constantly.

Reduced Handling

Our distribution model reduces how much your freight is handled, creating and almost 0% damage rate.

Reduced CO2 Emissions

Our processes and model make it so that there are less c02 emission creating a more sustainable supply chain.

Reduced Transit Times

We will get your freight moved and moved quickly!

Reduced Accounting Costs

Accounting costs decrease as we keep your information and billing organized and easy to transact.

Lower LTL Length

Our strategically placed facilities produce shorter distances for LTL shipments to travel.

Make sure your supply chain is cost effective and efficienct…to the last mile