Let us manage every aspect of your complex logistics needs, so you can focus on your core competencies

Flexible for ever-changing requirements

Our third-party logistics (3PL) services, including supply chain management, supply chain design, transportation procurement and route management, are designed to fulfill the increasingly complex demands of today’s logistics. Our processes are aligned to provide our customers with options to adapt to the changing needs of their network.

Gaining efficiencies at every turn

Our world-class systems and data capture methods allow us to develop optimized logistics plans that simplify your complex supply chain. Our savings opportunities are true, implementable and — in most cases — guaranteed to impact your bottom line.

We manage, you focus

We manage everything — from carrier relationships to rates and regulations — to help you focus on your core business needs. That said, you can still keep an eye on your entire supply chain at any time, with the help of Route Managers who use our advanced Optimiz TMS software to give you complete, real-time visibility. Operating a business that is open 24 hours a day, we are able to connect you with a team member who is able to assess any of your needs.

At ProTrans, we are focused on creating solutions that are customized to fit your needs. Being the owner of our TMS allows us to detail the programming down to the specific requirements you are looking for. You are able to operate your supply chain with visibility and ease, while we manage the day-to-day operations. ProTrans’ experts will work with you to find the logistics solutions that are a perfect fit.

Our third-party logistics services encompass the expertise of the industry and find valuable solutions for your needs. Test drive our services with an easy load booking.



Knowing your history allows ProTrans to anticipate your future. Established around your logistics plans, engineering dissects historical data to give a forecast of future trends. This data is crucial in setting the field for a supply chain design


The key is logistics plans. On average, over 95% of our customer networks are planned movements. Our philosophy: The more that is planned the more that is saved. We want to give you a fluent network full of efficiency and cost-savings.

On average, customers see cost reductions anywhere from 5% – 10% in their entire supply chain depending on the network.



Operating and executing as a team based on the plan. After a developed logistics plan is in place, teams operate each day based on the plan. The value in this is that every resource is on the same page.


Regionally placed teams allow ProTrans to consistently provide face to face customer support as well as finding cost-effective ways to operate your network.


Fewer degrees of separation between senior management and executive teams. This allows ProTrans to hear your voice at all levels.


Manage the corporate, strategic relationships of the account and are ultimately responsible for customer satisfaction.


Manage the day-to-day tactical activity of the account and are positioned regionally throughout North America.


We ensure that all aspects of your business are in order, taking it to heart when you give us the responsibility to “cross the t’s and dot the I’s.”


What makes us different from our competitors is that we find innovative solutions to get the most from your network. Our staff thinks creatively from top to bottom, producing a simple, unique and effective supply chain network that’s right for you.


By collecting data throughout the shipment life cycle, we are able to supply and analyze information at any and all points — helping us drive savings to your bottom line.


During this phase, our Route Management team plans, tenders and confirms all shipment activities within the system. By giving them the ability to make real-time decisions, we can successfully operate in a flexible environment while achieving each and every one of your goals.



Once earning your business, ProTrans has various quality/operational initiatives that come in different phases. These initiatives give us the indicators of our compliance and/or give us an early detection mechanism to address any gaps starting to appear in our performance.


ProTrans has created a culture that pushes for excellence in all areas. Through the use of lean six sigma concepts, we strive to provide the best service in an efficient/effective manner. We will never stop working for you and we will always change/improve ourselves to fit your needs.


While ProTrans has promoted quality service and operations, each team member has done their part to contribute. Many of our employees hold Six Sigma certifications and our company holds the following certifications: C-TPAT, Smartway, ISO 9001:2015

Let’s get to work designing your supply-chain