ProTrans provides its customers with innovative and flexible technology that gives them the control to make strategic decisions at a moments notice. Today, having the right technology at your finger tips is a must for a strong supply chain.

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Optimiz TMS

ProTrans Optimiz is our advanced transportation management system (TMS). It is a web-based proprietary logistics management software that not only ensures your materials move flawlessly from one point to the next, but also provides the control and visibility you demand to effectively manage your supply chain.

WE WROTE THE CODE! Optimiz is one system, one software, in one place. We make it easy to use and provide a single environment to manage your supply chain. We know that every customer is unique and their workflows just as unique as they are. That is why our IT professionals have the ability to customize solutions to meet any customer’s needs.







Through the interface between google maps and our Optimiz TMS, our customers have the ability to see all North American in-transit shipments. This centrally located web page can be set to update at multiple different intervals, such as, every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, etc. Truck and plane icons are used to represent ground loads and expedited moves respectively.

Users can click on each truck/plane and a sub-window displays all the shipment IDs of freight currently in-transit.

Each load can be drilled down into further detail and will even show the full route and street level location from the carrier’s satellite check calls.

For a clearer understanding of a shipments actual transit time, traffic detail has been included in the heat map.


Network Scanning

At all of our network centers, we utilize scanning technology to organize, confirm, and provide visibility on all shipments coming in and going out. These scanning capabilities not only provide us with efficient and effective processes to ensure shipment organization and accuracy but also gives you the ability to track shipments via our proprietary transportation management system OPTIMIZ.

Location Scanning

With this service, each of our CERTIFIED drivers scan and validate all parts and packaging through mobile hand-held devices. A constant scan and validate process allows us to track real-time pickup quantities/discrepancies and also provides an arrival/departure check call from the supplier. In addition to scanning, drivers can use their devices to take pictures of freight and/or scan paperwork.

Customer App

Shipment Tracking

  • Multiple categories of shipment situations are provided so that you can see a summary of shipment data that has the ability to be viewed in greater detail
  • When choosing a specific shipment, you are able to see a map view. This map view shows the planned route and the location of the shipment while in transit.
  • ProTrans customers can select their specific bill-to location and receive all shipment data related to it.

ProTrans provides customer support contact options within the app. There is a general contact for any matter you may have a question about and then there are contacts with specific addresses and phone numbers to ProTrans employees that work directly with your account. The dedicated contacts provided are your Supply Chain Manager, Account Manager, and Director of those managers.

You will be able to get in contact with a ProTrans representative related to your specific account when it’s needed most.